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Hard to pay attention during Buddhism unit

Hard to pay attention during Buddhism unit

It’s been hard juggling two blogs…

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a transcription

They: Are you guys dating?
Simultaneously: No.
They: So what are you?
He: We’re just buddies.
I: Not JUST buddies. Buddies.
They: So you can see other people?
Simultaneously: No.
He: Definitely not.
I (under my breath): I’ve got a few on the side.
He: No she doesn’t. No you don’t.

I: I guess we’re dating but we’re not DATING. No “b word” or “g word”

He: Hey you wanna be my girlfriend?

I: Why would I ever say yes to that? Ugh.

all that matters is to be kind and understanding…

We want the people we love to stay with us forever. We cannot fathom the day they will leave us, and even once it’s happened it feels like something we could never imagine, like a hazy dream. Moments like these make me realize that it doesn’t matter if you only go to church on Easter and Christmas or how many volunteer hours you have on your resume or how many Bible verses you can quote. All that matters is to be kind and understanding. We forget that human instinct is one of kindness, that we can train ourselves to empathize. We forget that someone we love will leave and what will be left is the frantic searching for your last words together, the last time you saw them. What was it? You pray it wasn’t sarcasm. You pray they knew you loved them. And so we must be kind. We will falter but we must try. 

You are quick to anger. You forgive easy.

—A newspaper horoscope